Market Sector Analysis – Finding Sectors Set For Explosive Growth

If you are interested in market sector analysis, chances are you want to find the sectors that are set for explosive growth and of course you want low risk, you should look at the sleep testing market sector which is set for explosive growth over the next decade.

Around 20 Million Americans alone are estimated to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and an unknown greater number have other serious sleep disorders and with the growth of awareness that this is a serious illness and the fact that Government legislation is making sleep testing compulsory is leading to an up surge in sleep testing.

An Opportunity in an Expanding Market

For example, JACHO and other hospital organizations are now insisting people be tested for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) prior to anesthesia.

Across the USA states are putting into place legislation which means trucking companies have to have a specific “sleep program” which means testing is needed to obtain professional driving licenses.

Laboratory Sleep Tests V Home Sleep Tests

Until recently, sleep tests been conducted in hospitals and independent sleep labs and people have had to travel to these destinations to have a sleep test conducted. People have to travel to these controlled testing areas and in rural locations this can cause major inconvenience, with centres many miles from the patients home and waiting lists in many areas are many weeks or months. More sleep tests are needed and this has led to an explosive growth in home sleep testing which has several advantages over being tested in a outside centre.

Home testing can be offered at a reduced price of up to 50% less than testing in a laboratory, tests can be provided in days and the tests are considered on par with laboratory tests and many believe are better, because the person is being tested in their everyday surroundings.

A Market Sector Set for Exponential Growth for the Next Decade

In terms of market sector analysis, the demand for sleep tests is rising in demand. Home sleep testing companies are filling the void and many are seeking funding and offering investment opportunities and this area is now being looked at by serious investors, seeking high growth potential coupled with limited risk.